Key West


Boats built by fishermen, for fishermen.

Since 1986, Key West's goal has been to provide high quality, high value products enhanced by our commitment to customer service giving you the best value on the water. That same commitment to satisfaction is as deep today as ever. Key West has maintained skilled employees through an employee ownership program giving each employee pride in building a quality product. With two locations and over 160,000 square feet of operational facilities for design, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and customer service, they can maintain a leading edge on quality, technology, and value today,   and for the future.

Bay Reef Series 176BR, 186BR, 210BR, 230BR, 246BR

From bow to stern, on the front deck is the anchor locker.
Deck surface is flat all the way around allowing foot traffic.
Dry storage compartment in the front deck is extreme.
Bait well forms step to front deck.
Twin rod storage compartments are the largest in this class.
Under gunnell rod storage accomodates 8' rods.
Console is large enough for a changing/potty room, adult sized.
Twin storage compartments in rear deck with port side insulated fish box.
Live/release well in rear deck will hold fish over 3' long, recirculating pump.

Center Console 1520CC, 176CC, 186CC, 189CC, 244CC

Our most popular model year after year since 1992 and still one of the most versatile, easy to own boats on the market today. It fits the garage, the tow vehicle, the budget, and the need, and still far exceeds every safety standard in effect today, anywhere in the world.

Dual Console 186 DC, 211 DC, 203 DFS, 239 DFS

The most popular bow rider in our line up, the 186 DC is loaded with features such as stereo, tilt hydraulic steering, swim platform, and the removable jump seats make it easy to convert to a serious fishing machine with lots of open space to help land the big ones. Fish and play at its best, and as safe as any boat today.

Family Sportsman 189 FS, 203 FS, 219 FS, 239 FS, 263 FS

The 189FS now comes with a porta potty room under the console.This is a family oriented center console with less emphasis on hard core fishing and more on the water sports many families are enjoying on the water today, such as skiing, tubing, camping, or just being out on the waterways. It features more seating, cup holders, and storage to accommodate all family members, but we never forget the fishermen. It also includes molded in rod racks and a generous live well. The bench seat in the rear features removable cushions to convert it to a nice fishing deck as well. This boat is as well rounded as the modern family.